Monday, November 17, 2008

The Turkey

This is the turkey that I've been trying to copy...From Scrapbooks Etc Magazine.
THIS is what I've been able to accomplish after weeks of work LOLThe lighting is bad...but I'm not going to get a chance to take a picture during daylight...ever... and the flash makes it look horrible. The buttons really are very similar to the original as well as the feathers. I was lost for the eyes and beak...searched everywhere I could for fallish color flowers that are just the right size and style. I may decide to put a light coat of paint on the feet. Right now, I'm afraid to have the AC turn on for fear that it will fall over! LOL (Yes, I said AC and not the heater.)

There is a button missing. Already. GRRR! I will probably fix that whenever I get around to making a tag. My turkey is missing something so I think the tag necklace will definitely make it feel complete. Maybe I'll get around to it NEXT year! hahaha If only I was kidding!

As I said before... I really intended to make 2 so I could sell one in the Etsy shop. But I don't think anyone would be willing to pay what I would have to charge to make me want to do this again!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm still here!

What's it been - like 3 weeks since my last post? I've just been too tired, sick, or busy to do anything crafty... In the few hours that I haven't been feeling the affects of pregnancy, sleeping off the virus I apparently had, taking care of my sick 2 year old, helping family members to doctors appts, etc.... I've been Christmas shopping! My goal is to always have it done before Thanksgiving. I'm also making a few gifts but are still in progress.

So my etsy shop is not taken care of like I would it to be... The first trimester yuck was supposed to end at the first trimester - will someone please tell my body this? I'm not complaining, because I did ask for this! But, my plans for the shop have had to change. I actually have been working on a holiday craft that I hoped to sell at my shop...but after weeks of searching for the right elements and hours with my glue gun...there is no way that I can make money from selling one of these! I hope to share it soon. It's a cute turkey that I saw in one of my scrapping magazines...

I started this post over 24 hours ago! I spent today at the Nutcracker Market and boy am I tired. I have never been on opening day so I had NO IDEA how crowded it would be! I picked up a couple of gifts for others and a couple for myself :)

The other place I'm looking for gifts is at The Tip Junkie. I actually missed the first day of giveaways which would have really come in handy for the next baby girl....but oh well. There must be something better waiting for me! LOL If you haven't heard about this site yet, you should go check it out.