Saturday, July 25, 2009

Doodlebug Cherry Cobbler

I've never created anything based on a sketch before...but one of the blogs I recently started following posted a sketch and I knew I wanted to use it. So I continued with the kit of papers from my last post and got this!Some of the fabric on her onesie is cherry print so it sort of matches! (My flash is messing up the t in the title - it says "sweetie pie")

I'm doing pretty good on letting go of my perfectionism...this took me less than an hour and half from start to finish...but I'm fighting the temptation to go pull off the stickers on the tag at the bottom. It was IMPOSSIBLE to get them straight!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Doodlebug Cherry Amore

A friend of mine gave me a Doodlebug kit for my birthday - including several sheets of Cherry Amore paper and sticker sheets that match.

My oldest loves her cherry dress and wants the youngest to wear hers so they can match. I happened to catch them matching about 3 months the title is "Now and then". "Then" was the day we came home from the hospital (with the matching bows as well!)
"Now" was taken after my birthday dinner a couple of weeks back.

I had to find a way to include the cherry brads!I'm not used to working on a white background so I was a little intimidated at first...but I had a friend scrapping with me who got the juices flowing :)

Thanks again to Jill for the kit... I still have lots left for another layout or two!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I was able to complete several projects these past few days! First up was a mini album for our soccer season (that won't be repeated anytime soon!). If you look closely, you will find a picture of me very pregnant ;)

I completed K's 3 month layout. Going with the smaller album was supposed to help with me limiting the pictures to include on the page. Problem is, I'm getting tricky and sneaking extras in and it's taking me longer! Both sides have a lift-up flap to reveal another picture...

And then I completed B's 4th month page. (I know, I know. I told you I was behind!) This layout came together so quickly, it's actually scary! LOVE that Basic Gray Sultry paper.

Off to get some more done while I'm on a roll!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cosmo Cricket Snorkel Line and Pinecone Press Mini Album

For this month's Not Your Ordinary Book Club, the first kit was a project that I didn't care too much for.... Instead I made a 12x12 layout for my daughter's album:

The book had a layout that I lifted the idea from - to use the fish paper in the shape of waves. The one in the book was MUCH more artsy and time intensive so I had to scale it back a bit...
I was most excited when I decided to add stickles for a little sparkle. It's hard to capture in a picture but you can definitely see some on the popsicle cutout below. I never would have purchased the Cosmo Cricket Snorkel paper on my own but I ended up really liking them once I worked with them! I still have lots of accessories left over so I'm going to pick up a few more sheets whenever I visit the store for our meeting this month.

The other kit was to make a mini-album. This took a lot of work just because a lot of items were cut out. There are tons of embellishments on this too - giving it a little bit of "bling" on each page - but they don't show through well on the pictures. My camera battery died so I can't go back for closeups now :) Here's a collage of the book...

Friday, July 10, 2009

NYOBC Kit and White Balance

I owe a big thanks to Lisa for encouraging us to learn how to adjust our white balance...because this is what my pictures normally look like:
BUT THIS is what they REALLY look like! The blue haze is gone :)
She posted it over a month ago, but a month ago, I was doing good just to read blogs...I certainly didn't feel like reading my camera manual!

I've had this project completed for a while now, just too lazy & busy to get it up on the blog. The products came in one of the kits from last month's book club meeting. There wasn't a lot of guidance on the project so this is one I've done pretty much on my own.
I almost didn't post the project because I made a HUGE mistake :( This page is upside down and I didn't realize it until after I covered it in Modge Podge *sniff sniff*. But I wanted to share the project with my sister since it's about her boys! ;) This also happens to be my favorite picture because of the expression on my middle nephew's face - fits him perfectly!
I had lots of fun because I used my Silhouette for so many of the embellishments. LOVE that machine!
The ribbon holding it all together-Yes, those are strips of denim in there. I never would have thought to use denim but it was easy to use and looks great!

Thanks for looking :)