Saturday, March 28, 2009

So I Lied...

I have my book club meeting coming up and I really want to go to get my next kit - but didn't want to go empty-handed... Certainly, they would have understood & I would say half of the people come without a project to any of the meetings anyway.

But I found the Flower Book interesting and so I really did want to use the kit. I actually preferred the blue papers that came in the kit - and wanted to use pictures of my family with my sibling's families - but it was just taking too long to figure out the layout. I love the pictures so much that I want the layout to be perfect!

This book provided a lot of masculine layouts (using flowers somewhere on the page) so I am looking forward to scrapping some of the photos I have of my day! Many of the flowers in this book are not your typical flower...

So instead, I picked a great picture of my niece. It's printed on metallic paper and has a wonderful shine to it. The layout is copied almost exactly from the book.... It's not necessarily something I would have come up with, but it works. I'm finding it's a lot easier to work on projects that don't include my kids! I guess because I really want what I leave for them to be perfect...and I can let go of that easier for other pictures. Since I was just copying a layout, I completed this much faster than I normally would. And I also gave up on it being a 2 page layout. If that's a requirement for my layouts, I may never end up scrapping half of my photos!

So I've done my homework and plan on making it to class this week. Now, I really do need to force myself to put my stuff away and go get ready for a new arrival this week :)

Picture taken by Tasha (and so were the ones that I really wanted to scrap!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've been missing lately....Just as soon as I was ready to create layouts for my book club, I found out that the little princess will be arriving 5 weeks early! So with just a few weeks notice, I've been working to get the house in order for her arrival. Things are looking good but don't expect any creativity posts for a few weeks. Who am I kidding? It will probably be more than a month before I get back here!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Have I told you that I'm lucky?

I have always been lucky. When I was 17, "Santa" put scratch-off lottery tickets in our stockings and one of mine was worth $200!!! I wasn't even old enough to cash it ;)

Door prizes - I'm lucky, always winning them. I've also learned tricks to sway the odds in my favor. And I usually have a "sense" of when I will win and when I won't. It creeps me out sometimes.

Now, I can't say my luck is wonderful when the odds of winning are really, really low, but overall, I'm very lucky. I WISH my luck would work on really large Lotto jackpots and such, but I'll take what I can get.

In 3 days time, I was the winner of two prizes! I had a scrapbook class on Friday and was the first to win a door prize (she entered our names for us, so I didn't even have the opportunity to "cheat"). And then I won the blog candy on Heidi's blog, too! I met her today to pickup my goodies - and she's so sweet - she even threw in some extra embellishments!

I'm hoping I'm a big winner in the Houston Area Scrapbook Roundup. If you visited all 7 stores, you were eligible to win and although I wasn't sure I'd make all 7, I did... but not with a minute to spare! LOL Bestie H, my 3 year old and I closed down one of the stores Sunday afternoon.

I just picked up a cube to hold all of this new paper that I bought over the past 2 weeks so I'm feeling motivated to put my new things away and get a project done. I have some layouts I need to get done for my "book club" by the end of the month.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blog Candy

I'm too busy shopping between 7 stores to actually create anything but maybe next week I'll get something done. 5 stores down, 2 more to go!

One of the blogs I follow is having a giveaway (aka Blog Candy). I can always use more ribbon so I'm posting here to try to win :)

Heidi's so funny, she actually wants to be as popular and have as many hits a day as Pioneer Woman! LOL I would have a panic attack if I had that many people visiting my blog - oooohhhh the pressure!!!

So if you like scrapbooking, check out her site. She often links to giveaways on other sites and shares her designs that she creates. Not to mention, she does giveaways herself!

Click here for the post about the giveaway or here to just go to her blog with the most recent posts.