Monday, May 18, 2009

Advice Needed

I'm in need of advice for how to handle storing my completed layouts. I don't have too many loyal readers (especially who have tons of completed pages themselves!) but hope that maybe a random reader will have something to contribute as they come across my site.

I'm doing more layouts now then I have since before my first daughter was born. I would like to have the albums in chronological order for her but I'm so far behind that it just won't be possible. I'm scrapping the pictures for her as the mood strikes me. So I might complete a layout from last week and then work on a layout from 2 years ago. So do I just put the layouts into an album as I finish them? Or should I have a theme to each album? HELP! My original plan was to have all of my albums chronological so I'm at a loss for what to do now.

And then what about layouts that have both girls on them? Down the road, I'd like for them to each take ownership of the albums I create for them - but what about the layouts with both. Do I put them into a separate "sisters album" or just split them up between the two girls' albums?

So how do YOU store your completed layouts?

Lots of Layouts

I have been very busy these past few weeks. Of our two kits for the book club this month, one was the supplies to complete 2 two page layouts. This one ended up not being exactly like the book because I couldn't get the paper to sand correctly. If you distress the paper, brown should have shown through. I couldn't get it to work right and it just looked horrible. I'm pretty excited with how it turned out.

Yes, that's my helper in the background. I was taking pictures with the front door open and she couldn't resist the beautiful weather we are having today!

This months kit was about using stickers. So the lace paper is actually stickers, as are most of the embellishments on these layouts. I made this layout by copying two single page layouts. I really like that I wrote a letter to my first daughter. I normally don't do that much journaling but I'm glad that I did for this layout and plan to write more letters to both girls.

{My pictures of the pages aren't great but I was working on limited time between both girls' naps and keeping the cat indoors!}

This is my favorite layout this month. Mainly because I love the pictures! The papers are wonderful, too, but you can't see much of the detail in these pictures. The ribbon is part of what I won from a blog contest :)

I'm also proud of myself for finishing 3 pages in the baby's album. The first page is her birth announcement (going out today so I didn't want to spoil it for those getting it) and then I completed her first month's layout.

The second kit for the book club is a project for a school age child. I thought about not making it until I had a school aged kid but I'm glad I went ahead and put this together...

Because I really like the "pop-ups". This is something I can incorporate into other projects that I make. A little scoring and cutting a circle is all that you have to do to. Can't wait to use it on something else.

Thanks for looking!