Monday, May 18, 2009

Advice Needed

I'm in need of advice for how to handle storing my completed layouts. I don't have too many loyal readers (especially who have tons of completed pages themselves!) but hope that maybe a random reader will have something to contribute as they come across my site.

I'm doing more layouts now then I have since before my first daughter was born. I would like to have the albums in chronological order for her but I'm so far behind that it just won't be possible. I'm scrapping the pictures for her as the mood strikes me. So I might complete a layout from last week and then work on a layout from 2 years ago. So do I just put the layouts into an album as I finish them? Or should I have a theme to each album? HELP! My original plan was to have all of my albums chronological so I'm at a loss for what to do now.

And then what about layouts that have both girls on them? Down the road, I'd like for them to each take ownership of the albums I create for them - but what about the layouts with both. Do I put them into a separate "sisters album" or just split them up between the two girls' albums?

So how do YOU store your completed layouts?

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Momma T said...

Here is how I store mine....Its real simple...oh wait...what do ya know...i barely have any! I guess I wouldnt be one to give much good advice!