Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Christmas Control Journal

Since my daughter's birthday is just days after Christmas, I'm always a little overwhelmed with the planning and gift buying for both celebrations. PLUS, being a teacher, we normally worked until the 22nd or so of December - not much time off to prepare!

I've always kept a list on one piece of paper that listed who I was buying for, my limit, and any ideas I had. Plus, I kept all receipts in one location so that I could easily find them for refunds or exchanges if needed. My list would get very messy and I was in need for something a little bit "more". Right after Christmas last year, I discovered Flylady. The control journal made perfect sense to me! It was exactly what I needed. Holiday meals, parties, functions, Christmas card list and gift ideas could all be combined into one notebook. These pictures are of my own control journal for this year. I've already printed several forms from the Flylady site to help me set it up, plus I've been clipping pictures of gift ideas and saving coupons or flyers. Two pockets in the front for coupons, gift cards, etc.
To store my receipts and gift receipts (I think I will label each envelope still)

A friend of mine forwarded this site to me as well - and it suggests starting in September to prepare for a stress-free holiday!
If you'd like a journal like this - I can personalize the front to suit you, please visit my shop :)
Christmas is only 15 weeks or so from now!!!

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