Monday, December 8, 2008

For my Besties...

aka Twerds (Twilight Nerds! I love this term!! lol) You know who you are!

I found this site a few weeks ago, have it on my follow list and don't want to add yet another to my blog roll.... But since I keep my follow list anonymous you've got no idea that I found this.

Sometimes there are lots of posts so it can be a little overwhelming but I've really liked many of the ideas since I've been a "follower".

Check 'em out!!! They do lots of giveaways like some of the others we follow :)

If Bestie H would ever get me that book I could be a Twerd, too ;)

1 comment:

Momma T said...

I'm a Twerd! I'm a Twerd!!!! And I love it!!! Call me this morning, I was going to ask you something about today and getting the Twerd book of the year!!!

I want you to come over to the "Dark Side", my son.