Tuesday, January 4, 2011

There IS such a thing as "too much stickles"!

I can finally show you this layout! I completed it back in November as part of a layout tag. (A group of people lift each other's layouts only being able to see the 1 person ahead of you.) I was second on the list and had to wait patiently to give everyone else time to make theirs :) The results are posted here but THIS is my layout :-)
And this is the layout I lifted from.
Amy's stickles are NOT overboard... now my layout? Yep, those skinny rays didn't ALL need them but I didn't realize it till I was too far into it! And then the top had so much glitter that I had to balance it out on the bottom ;)

That poor paper was so warped before I was done with it! What I really liked about this LO was that even though the picture on the left was over exposed and I couldn't make it look very good in Photoshop, it feels to me like the picture is MEANT to be that way because of the angle of the sun rays!


mustangkayla said...

Such a fantastic layout Karen! LOVE the rays and cluster of buttons! I think all the stickles looks fantastic@

Becky said...

I like the stickles too!