Saturday, February 19, 2011

January Project 12 {My Minds Eye: So Sophie}

I was so excited to continue on with Project 12 after having completed all of 2010's layouts. But I struggled with this one a lot and wondered if it was worth it. I KNOW it will be worth it to me when I see my whole year documented at this time next year :) So here it is, I was hoping to retake the picture since it seems some of the green PP was having a hardtime staying down...but it hasn't happened ;)

Two things I wanted this year were: 1) to use white on every layout instead of kraft and 2) to use a calendar spot each month. I couldn't find any papers that I was happy with that would look good with white, so I stuck with using kraft again :( and I haven't found the perfect calendar spots...yet! But what I used was FREE and can easily be replaced if I find what I'm really looking for :)

I've actually had this done for a couple of weeks as I completed it for a challenge at the BOAF lovebirds crop. The challenge was to use 3 sets of 10s on the page. My three sets are: buttons, staples & brads. The brads were a perfect filler for the blank space between the two medium size photos and the buttons/staples were actually already incorporated into the sketch.

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mustangkayla said...

I think it is super cute! Love the calendar on there...that was such a great idea!