Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cute as a button!

Don't worry, I do not plan to post pictures of every single layout I complete....but I'm so proud of myself for completing this I could not resist.

My daughter will turn 3 years old in two months. Before yesterday, I've only scrapbooked 4 pages in her album. That's right, 2 layouts. So these pictures are over two and a half years old...the pictures are from her 2nd month!

I was first inspired by the button challenge...which I now think the buttons are lost in the layout since it's so busy. The pictures are not the greatest - a couple are downright horrible - so I was frustrated with that. But I'm happy with the end product.

I'm submitting this to the girls at The Happy Scraps for the current challenge which is to use something 2+ years old. LOL The pictures, the calendar page, the valentine paper, most of the embellishments.....ALL over 2 years old.... (Click on picture to see individual pages)

What I really like about the page is that I created a hidden pocket to hide a Valentine craft with my daughter's picture on it that we received on her 2nd day at daycare. The ribbon at the top of the right handed page is how you pull the valentine out. I love that I found a way to incorporate it without making a whole extra layout.


tasha said...

cute. you need to link to a flickr account or something so that we can view them larger...

Paisley Petals said...

I took separate pictures of each page and thought about listing those...but you can see the bad pictures better :) Wouldn't want to advertise that now would I? LOL

If I did Flickr - will it direct you away from the page?