Friday, June 24, 2011

First Year Album

This project started nearly 6 years ago with me buying a baby book and matching 12x12 scrapbook during my pregnancy with my oldest. I also attended a Creative Memories party where I bought the calendar pages and decided that I wanted to use those to record milestones on one page, with the other page being a collage of pictures. I believe I completed one layout in a timely fashion and then the rest were completed over the last 3 years. Not my original plan, but hey, it's done! Yay!!!!!!!!

The front page:
 Each month has it's own double page layout but I included the tail end of December with January since she was born at the very end of December.
 I created a hidden pocket for her very first daycare artwork!
 Some pages have flip books included - this one has a few extra pictures under the picture of clothes.

 Each of the pictures on the right has pictures underneath...
 There are some naked bath pictures under the June title spot-
 The tag pulls out on this one.

 This one is full of extra pictures too :)
 Can you tell I was embellishing less trying to just hurry up and get done? lol
 I was running out of milestones and notes...I tried to be good and write them down back then but as I got into December, I didn't write much down. Possibly I was too busy with a baby, work and the holidays? ;)
 This is the last page and is based on a PageMaps sketch.
Thanks for stopping by and suffering through these itty bitty pictures full of itty bitty writing ;) I'm just so glad to have this album completed!


mustangkayla said...

Oh, how cool! What a fantastic album Karen! You were so good about documenting things! I documented almost NOTHING with both kids. :-(

Heather Landry said...

I think it turned out absolutely gorgeous! I love the calendar style journaling and the super cute way you spelled out the title with buttons on one. The idea of hiding extra photos is awesome! I never think of that.