Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm finally satisfied!

I finished the "Cousins" layout and I'm pretty happy with it! The perfectionist in me thinks I could always improve something... but I'd like to put this up and work on something else for a while! {Clicking on any picture will take you to Flickr...where I hope you can see it better}

2 Page Cousins

There is a lot of detail in the title that just can't come across well in the picture. Glitter, stickles, rhinestones... The "C" actually does look much better in person, it shows up too dark here.

The great thing about taking so long to get this done is all of the embellishments I found going through my stuff. Instead of needing journaling, I used little strips that I already had! The green is a little off, but not too bad. The flower in the center is actually chipboard and I had to add rhinestones to balance with the skull on the other page ;)

Left Cousins

You can see where the flash reflects that there is glitter on the white heart lace paper. That stands out more in person. The dimension to the skull and flowers also doesn't show on the photo. I promise, if the girl's shirts and bows weren't skulls I wouldn't have incorporated the skull...if you were looking around my blog you'd think I used it on everything! Have I mentioned that I *heart* rhinestones?!? LOL I may have gone overboard decorating that skull...

Right Cousins

I made this layout using a kit from the Pinecone Press Bookclub. I did this club several years ago with a friend of mine but we both stopped due to pregnancies and time constraints. I never did many layouts back then because 1) I was working and had less time and 2) I didn't have my daughter to be my subject! I tried the club this month to see if I'd like it...and I'm LOVING it! I already used the other kit to make a gift for a birthday - it was a flip album. The main reason I decided to return was to get myself motivated to get more pages done - I would say it's working so far!

Thanks for looking! Comments are welcome but most things are permanently on the page now so try not to suggest major overhauls ;)


T's Mom said...

LOVE it! And it means I'm off the hook for my assignment?! :-)

Momma T said...

this does look much better than the last although I thought it looked great too!

sideoats + scribbles said...

What beautiful photos! And I LOVE your layout!!! It rocks!

Mary said...

Wow, those are great photos!

Paisley Petals said...

Yes, the photos ARE great aren't they! Anyone in the Houston area (even if you're just passing through!) should contact And even if you're not in the area, checkout her blog - Tasha does great work, especially with newborns ;)

Heidi M said...

I love these layouts. They are so cute. I love the skull cards too. You are so talented.