Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mini-Muffin Tin Christmas Countdown Calendar

This project has been very similar to birthing a child. In the beginning, you're very excited of the idea. Then you get frustrated with trying to get all of the supplies ready to actually get started on it. Next, you're so happy to begin the process...then boredom sets in (24 of the same thing...several times over). Seems like months go by, then you're just ready for it to be done with already! Final anticipation as the last pieces come together...and then when it's's not quite as big of a deal as you had anticipated. I am glad to know that she is super excited about it! She woke up this morning and went straight for it - VERY disappointed that we aren't starting this right away. Poor thing!!
Some closeups:
Everything is magnetic - including the little circles inside the tins. So if I get tired of the design or want to use it for another holiday, I can reuse the tin!
Now I need to figure out where I will store the days as we remove them...And decide if I want to include a title. I could cut out some words in the green/red cardstock using my Silhouette and put them at the top and/or "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" or "December". What do you think- Add words or leave it alone? If you vote for adding something - what do you suggest?
******Edited to add:
I forgot to give credit to someone who I lifted an idea from... I try to always give credit when I steal an idea ;) I came across an Etsy seller in my search for ideas on how to make each square different and I came across SugarPlumMommy. It was actually one of her sold items...I took her idea of using the ribbon like I did above on #6. There are a couple of other Etsy sellers that have these types of calendars - so check them out if you want one (or need ideas!).
I'm now kicking myself in the behind for not just cutting out the dates with my Silhouette!!! You don't even want to know the complicated process I went through...


Danielle said...

LOL about similar to the birth of a child! I love your project and I totally understand getting bored towards the end! LOL

Amy said...

I think this is so adorable!! I get a similar feeling every time I start a mini-book so I know what you mean. But I love this idea, I think I might make one. You could attach a simple envelope to the back to hold the days in as they go by... just a thought. My girls will love this!

Jill said...

I like the idea of adding the title "christmas countdown" but not sure where the heck you would put it... I thought of christmas going down the left side (starting close to the top) and countdown starting farther down on the right side, but not sure if it would get in the way of taking days off. Maybe you could put the title on a tag and attach it to the ribbon?

Sandy Ang said...

What a great idea !

The Cr8ive Life said...

I added this to my blog, come say HI!