Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bunches of flowers {Little Yellow Bicycle: Baby Safari}

Only 3 more months to go on her first year album! I stayed current until 6 months and then Christmas happened. I'll be glad when I'm done with it - like any project, it's exciting in the beginning but by the end I get sick of it. I've tried to use only Little Yellow Bicycle papers & embellishments throughout the album to have a coherent feel but I couldn't resist the Jenni Bowlin butterflies - they are sooo cute!
I'm sharing this LO because I took a flower technique class at my LSS this week and promised to share what I learned :) One of the flowers was stacked circles - using all the same size. I prefer stacking the scalloped circles or using circles of varying sizes. I can't remember the name of this something...because it's assembled much like folding the flaps of a box shut. This flower would look really good with the right patterned paper. Kinda boring with cardstock.
And still not quite right with this patterned paper. But the LYB stuff is limited on it's double sided paper.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Suzanne said...

NOT boring, super cute! :-) I love those pics, they're adorable! TFS

mustangkayla said...

I think its very cute too. I wanted to do LYB for DD's album too but couldn't find it. :( It is such a fun line! Your layout is very pretty!

Joan said...

Oh, she's a real cutie!! What a fun age!
I like the flowers.