Sunday, May 29, 2011

1st Haircut {BoBunny: Mama-razzi}

After the last layout took me days to finish, I was glad that this one was done in just a couple of hours :) I started this morning and am already blogging it!

The layout is for the May photography challenge at Birds of A Feather. Our challenge was to edit a photo using at least 2 actions and then create a layout using the photo. I can't remember the last time I printed a photo without editing it, so this one was easy for me ;)
 I actually edited all of the photos some, but this one I edited the most. Before:
 For these photos, I used the neutral color selection tool in Picasa first. Then I opened them in Photoshop and used Pioneer Woman's Fresh and Colorful action as well as her Sharpen This action (they are both free downloads). For the small photos, I lightened anywhere that need it and took away any dark circles under my girl's eyes (another free PW download). For the large photo, I played some more with lightening - especially around their eyes. I cleaned up their faces a bit - removed any blemishes and circles/bags under their eyes. Their faces look a little odd to me - too bright I guess? - but I prefer that look over being too dark.

Some closeups:
 The flower is from my friend Kayla who was nice enough to send me a few! She's posted some info on them here.
A little bit of her hair :) We didn't think to snag some of my first daughter's first haircut but maybe because she was older when it happened and the hair wasn't so babyish anymore? This is the little bit that used to curl up in the back. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the memorabilia pocket...but it's really not very noticeable in real life.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


mustangkayla said...

Love this layout! Such a great design! Love the little pocket with hair in it too! I need to find one of those for Maddy's hair that Peyton cut!

Sharon said...

Absolutely adorable!!!! I am so happy that I could be the inspiration for your wonderful page! Thanks so much for letting me know!!!!!!!