Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kudos to Tattered Angels & EK Success {Viva Pink,Embossed Curve Edger Punch}

Shortly after I finished my June Project 12 layout, this punch:
which I use on every Project 12 layout (for 2011 at least) stopped working correctly. It had been jamming off and on but after another layout, completely jammed! I even had to get my husband involved ;-) I contacted EK Success and they very quickly responded to me and sent me a replacement punch! I love great customer service!! I even had it in time to finish my July layout :-)

Not a week later, I decided to try my hand at misting again. I pulled out the few colors I have and discovered that my Viva Pink Glimmer Mist had turned BROWN! The original version of mine is on the right in the next two pictures. 

I again contacted the manufacturer, Tattered Angels, and they also sent me a replacement. Totally hassle free! And now that I have the true Viva Pink again, I don't feel so crazy or color blind! ;-) What a great industry this is and these two companies showed me great customer service! I often complain about the cost of punches and mists, but knowing that I can get them replaced hassle free if a problem comes up makes the sticker shock a little less shocking.


mustangkayla said...

YAY! I love hearing good customer service stories like this! I'm a HUGE Fiskars fan for the very reason you mentioned. Their customer service ROCKS!

Heather Landry said...

I love companies with great customer service. Thanks so much for sharing your positive experience!