Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Everyday Life {Birds of a Feather Kit Co: February Kit; Lily Bee Lovely Collection}

Amy challenged us to take a portrait this month and this is what *I* consider to be a good portrait of my girls. I tried getting a shot of them both looking at the camera, but the little one just doesn't do it unless her finger is up her nose! lol But to me, this perfectly represents how I see my girls, hand in hand :)
 My older daughter is my "little mommy" so this quote was perfect for our life right now, and this picture. When I asked her to take her sister's hand and walk, she jumped at the opportunity "sure, mom!"
 I used sketch #74 at Inspired Blueprints for this layout.
This week has been so fun to see how the girls interact now that they are not spending 24 hours a day together. They really enjoy each other's company and made it a point to be together tonight - I hope their friendship continues on this path!


mustangkayla said...

Too sweet! I absolutely LOVE this layout! Such a fantastic design! That picture just melts my heart. Little kiddos holding hands is oh so sweet!

Heather Landry said...

I really really love the quote on the tag and your photo is SO sweet! Wonderful color choices. I like everything about this page.