Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birds of A Feather Kit Co Love Birds Crop!

 I made this layout for Drea's sketch challenge:

 and this layout for Kristen's challenge to use at least 12 hearts and the word love in the title:

I just realized I need to go back and add the dates from our pictures on the layouts...I've scrapped so many of the pictures that I know that info is already documented but the pages still feel naked without it! ;) You have until Wednesday night to finish the challenges and there are a couple of games going on too, come check it out!

I also wanted to share a layout my 7 year old created. My heart stopped for half a second when I realized how much washi tape she used! :) I really like how she anchored the photo in the bottom corner!

And she made all of her own embellishments! Santa, candy canes, her title:
 Tree with presents and bows (also labeled with her and her sister's initial)
She knows how to use Siri on the ipad and she searchd for valentine project ideas. This is pretty close to the original that she copied from! 
I've created a crafty monster!! :)


mustangkayla said...

Oh the layouts! Love all the stitch-work and the design on the second! Fab work! And wowza did Brooke do a good job on her layout and project!

Heather Landry said...

I really love your daughter's page! It's super cute. The washi tape looks great. Your layouts are amazing! You guys have been really busy.

Izzy Anderson said...

These are terrific, and wow, your 7-year-old is a chip off the old block!