Monday, February 2, 2009

Post It Note Holder Gift

I stole this idea from Scrappily Ever After. This is a gift for one of my daughter's preschool teachers. My daughter moves up a room this week and the change is a month past due because I didn't want her to leave Ms. Anna just yet! She's had Anna since August and her positive attitude and approach with the kids has had a huge impact on my daughter. She's one of those very few, really great teachers.

I didn't give any handmade Halloween or even Christmas gifts to the teachers because of my pregnancy tiredness and plain ole laziness. Anna needs a special gift though since she's remained constant in the room this whole time - PLUS she's being promoted to working with the office staff! I'm giving this to her before Valentine's Day so that her new teacher's won't be offended for not getting the same gift.

Post-it Note holder and note clip:

I thought about putting the bird on the front of the acrylic frame, but I wanted her to be able to reuse the frame if she wanted. I was looking for the really pale pink post-its but gave up on my search. When I was working, I had an endless supply. LOL
The letter has magnets built in so that it can be used as a magnet or stand up like in this picture. I wasn't as thrilled with this as I was the acrylic frame - but I hadn't planned on making this until the last minute...

Note holder in action-
I hope she likes it. I'm not sure of what her style is to know if she'll really like this and use it- but who can resist that little bird!?


Heidi M said...

This is so adorable. I love it and she will too.

Momma T said...