Friday, August 28, 2009

Public Service Announcement

For those that live in Texas, did you know that our booster/car seat laws are changing on September 1st? That's next week! The main change is regarding boosters - kids have to remain in a booster until they turn 8 or reach 4 ft 9 inches for their height. I'm thinking this is going to put one 7 year old in particular that I know back into a booster seat! Bestie H - isn't little H 7 years old? Info is here:


Momma T said...

Ugghh..yeah, I had heard this and think it is the stupidest thing. I need to check his height, I have it from his last appt

Paisley Petals said...

While I think it's silly for some older kids, I have seen a lot of younger kids that just don't look safe in the car not using a booster. So I think it's good for some kids to continue with the booster. If the kid can't sit correctly with the shoulder strap not cutting across their face, then I think they need a booster. Just MY opinion though!

Becky said...

After doing some research yesterday I have come to realize that Teagan's current booster seat is inappropriate for our vehicles. We are going to have to shell out some moolah to get safe even though she is a freaking giant for her age! 46 1/4 inches and 51 pounds. The high backed boosters with the shield around the head area are pricey. At least she has to grow 11 inches!