Monday, September 28, 2009

Goin' Batty for Our Lil' Pumpkin {Bo Bunny Boo Crew, Little Yellow Bicycle Trick or Treat}

This smirk on my girl's face is NOT normal....she was VERY hesitant to wear the pumpkin halter that Tasha made for the portrait party. I didn't think we'd get her to wear it because it was different...and she doesn't like change (who does she get THAT from?lol)....but we got 1 or 2 pictures out of her. You can tell she thinks it feels weird by how she's holding her left hand touching the material. I loved the Boo Bunny green paper with the picture but couldn't figure out how to pull it together. I got closer when I found this Little Yellow Bicycle Lace Cardstock.
The bat paper behind it is from Stampin' Up - an old collection I think... Then what really made it all pull together was the new sketch #39 at 52 sketches...52 weeks. I used 4 squares of patterned paper instead of 6 because of the large picture and the diecut area of the black cardstock. The sketch was a lot of fun and I plan to use it again.

I have one more page almost done so check back tomorrow for that... then I get to pickup my next bookclub kits ;)


Amy said...

love your take on #39. Great layout, adorable costume!

Jill said...

So you used the entire black sheet - it came just cut out on the side? I really like the way that looks.

Paisley Petals said...

Yes, the whole black sheet came that way. Look here - it's about a third of the way down.

Thanks to both of you for the compliments :)