Sunday, July 17, 2011

1 week down, 51 to go...

Because I didn't have enough unfinished projects, I am starting a Project 365 album. I learned about this idea a couple of years ago and thought there was no way I could handle a project where I had to print a picture for each day. Maybe if I had a photo printer at home...but I don't. Project 12 has been my compromise and I love it, but I still like the idea of capturing a photo daily. So then I start hearing about and seeing other people's albums...

Janet runs her album from birthday to birthday instead of Jan 1- Dec that idea. Starting/ending at the holidays just seems so overwhelming! 

Then Kayla shared with me a couple of layouts that Heather did for her album - a digital 365 album. I saw her layouts, pestered her with questions (Jill, too) and was convinced I could do this!

I wanted to have some sort of title for the first page...had a good one till I realized next year has an extra day...then Jen helped me come up with "Leaping into 36!"

So here is my first layout, only 51 more to go until I bind all of them together into an album!  
Erica Zane Templates 12
Crystal Wilkerson Spring/Summer 2011
Crystal Wilkerson Banner Templates
Carina Gardner A Year of Rubons
Carina Gardner 365 Number Stamps

Thanks to all that have helped me get this project started! 


Heather Landry said...

I love your first page! Congrats on starting your project! I am so very clad to have helped you. I really like how you started on your birthday. I think that's a great idea.

mustangkayla said...

Super cute! Love the banner with the title in it! Love the bright colors with B&W photos!

janet said...

What a GREAT first page. I love it! So glad you started this. You will be so glad you did!